1998 — 2003 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Lexus RX 300
+ Lexus RX-300 cars
+ Governing bodies and methods of operation
+ Settings and routine maintenance of the car
+ Engine
+ Cooling systems of the engine, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
+ A power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ Systems of electric equipment of the engine
+ Automatic transmission and interaxal differential
- Transmission line
   General information
   Removal and installation of the driveshaft
   Removal, dismantling, assembly and installation of forward power shafts
   Removal, dismantling, assembly and installation of back power shafts
   Replacement of a forward epiploon of back differential
   Replacement of side epiploons of back differential
   Removal and installation of the case of back differential, dismantling of differential
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Schematic diagrams of electric connections

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Removal and installation of the case of back differential, dismantling of differential

Components of installation of back differential

1 — the Damper
2 — the Back stretcher
3 — the Power shaft

4 — the Holder
5 — Back differential
6 — the Back cross beam
7 — the Driveshaft

Components of assembly of back differential

1 — Planetary differential
2 — Differential of limited sliding
3 — the Persistent washer
4 — the Lock pin
5 — the Axis of satellites
6 — the Side gear wheel
7 — the Satellite
8 — the Washer
9 — the Side bearing
10 — the Conducted gear wheel
11 — a differential Box
12 — the Lock plate
13 — the Stopper of a sapun
14 — Maslootrazhatel
15 — a bearing Cover

16 — the Lock ring
17 — the differential Case
18 — Laying
19 — the Casing of the holder of differential
20 — the Epiploon
21 — the Leading gear wheel
22 — the Back bearing
23 — the Side drive
24 — the Boot
25 — the Stopper of a jellied opening
26 — the Cover of a casing of the holder of differential
27 — the Connecting flange
28 — Maslootrazhatel
29 — the Forward bearing
30 — Prostavka of the bearing
31 — the Drain stopper


  1. Remove the driveshaft and power shafts, previously reliably having propped up them (see the Sections Removal and installation of the driveshaft and Removal, dismantling, assembly and installation of back power shafts).
  2. Lower not enough differential.
  3. Remove the central and back sections of an exhaust pipe.
  1. Prop up differential a jack, give 3 fixing bolts and remove a damper.
  1. Weaken 2 bolts and prop up a back stretcher.
  1. Give 4 nuts and 2 bolts, remove 2 holders from a back stretcher.
  2. Lower differential together with a back stretcher.
  3. Completely turn out 5 released bolts, 2 nuts and remove differential.
  4. Turn out two bolts, nuts and remove a back cross beam from differential.
  5. Dismantling of differential is recommended to be charged to the expert having the corresponding skills and experience. Data for check and assembly of back differential are provided in Specifications of the Head the Transmission line.
  6. The differential box with limited sliding is not subject to dismantling.
  7. Installation is made upside-down. Delay connections with the required efforts.